Gifts of cash, pledges of support and bequests of property or stock allows us to maintain the center, preserve its resources, establish an endowment and plan for the future

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Donate to Collections

A substantial part of our current resources which currently number over 70,000 have come directly from donations. We find that many are received from records donated by family members who wish to preserve their forebearers’ records of employment and community history. This is particularly true of those families who worked in the local coal and railroad industry. We also welcome donations acquired from yard sales and estate sales.

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Planned Giving

The Lonesome Pine School and Heritage Center is a 501C3 organization and as such will provide statements of charitable contributions made to our organization. We welcome bequests of property, cash or stocks. Please consult with your attorney as to how we may respond to your wish to endow the center. Transfer of RMD (Required Minimum Distribution Funds) from IRA funds held by persons 70 ½ and older directly to the center are most welcome.

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We welcome suggestions of grants relative to our mission for which we may apply. We also welcome your assistance in grantsmanship in preparing these for submission. Most recently our building expansion is being funded through a grant received from the Slemp Foundation. We are grateful for their support!

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Garnett Gilliam Buccaneer Scholarship

Garnett has touched the lives of thousands of Wise County residents through his work as an educator and continues to do so as a historian. He hopes this scholarship will benefit those of any age who value an education but may not have the means to achieve it. “Without the help of scholarships,” Garnett says, “I would not have gone to college.” Click here for more information!